Medical Treatment Program for Mental Health & Substance Abuse in Columbus

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry is a proud provider of medical psychiatric treatment. Located in Columbus, Ohio Hospital provides treatment programs for adults and seniors looking for lasting recovery from mental health and co-occurring drug addiction issues.

Comprehensive Programming

Comprehensive Medical Treatment for Mental Health & Co-Occurring Issues

At Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry in Columbus, we offer a medical treatment program for mental health and co-occurring substance abuse. Our programs are for adults and seniors who are struggling with mental health disorders, dual diagnosis, and other behavioral health concerns. We are also proud to offer our Generations program for older adults who need our help to return to the maximum state of wellness through an array of therapeutic interventions. Our therapeutic services are provided by a multidisciplinary team comprised of physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, recreational therapists, psychologists, and other supportive staff. As we are dedicated to treating the whole person, not simply the presenting symptoms, we understand that many of our adult and senior clients come to us with medical illnesses that require ongoing treatment.

Tailored Care

Individualized Care for Mental Health and Co-Occurring Drug Addiction

When clients first arrive at Ohio Hospital, they will undergo a thorough medical evaluation so that we can choose the appropriate psychiatric treatment program and create a plan of care that includes all aspects of his or her needs, including ongoing medical care. We are able to continue, adjust, or begin treatment for a number of chronic medical illnesses, which include uncontrolled type II diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hepatitis C, as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with acute exacerbation. The medical staff at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry will work individually with each client we treat to ensure that treatment for medical conditions is working and educate our clients about the importance of medication compliance in the management of both medical and mental illnesses. At Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry in Columbus, we care for the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

The wide variety of treatment programs at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry truly sets them apart from other treatment options in the area! They were able to give me the comprehensive therapy others could not.

– Chad C.