Generations: Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Program for Seniors in Columbus

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry is a proud provider of inpatient treatment programming for seniors that heals the whole person. Located in Columbus, Ohio Hospital offers treatment programs for older adults looking for lasting recovery from mental health and co-occurring drug addiction issues.

What is ''Generations''

What is the Generations Program

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry offers a specific inpatient treatment program for senior adults, called Generations. The Generations program in Columbus is a short-term, inpatient mental health treatment program that is designed to meet the emotional problems or stressors that seniors may be experiencing within their lives. Our physicians and nursing staff are dedicated to not only getting to the root cause of the presenting issue, but also working with each patient’s family to help them understand what their loved one is going through and how to cope with certain emotional difficulties in the future

Program Philosophy

Generations Program Philosophy

This psychiatric treatment program holds the philosophy that each individual senior is unique with a rich history of life experiences, stressors, and difficulties that only represent a small part of who you are. While we will work with you and your loved ones to resolve your issues we will also celebrate with you the strengths that you possess. We operate on the firm belief that the aging process does not eliminate the capacity to learn and change and we will encourage you to reach your highest potential of abilities. We encourage insight, initiative, and empowerment. Both our environment and programming are tailored to meet the specific needs of seniors and we offer a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility with compassionate staff to help you through each step of your treatment.

Elements of Care

Elements of Care for our Generations Program

Under the direct supervision of a psychiatrist, an interdisciplinary treatment team will develop an individualized treatment plan for each senior, being sure to include any input from the patient and their family. Together this interdisciplinary team provides a clinically sophisticated, safe, supportive, and responsive treatment environment. Our board certified staff physician provides individual therapy with each patient in addition to ensuring that patients understand their individual medication regime. When discharge approaches a social worker will develop an aftercare plan that ensures follow-up in the community with a psychiatrist and counselor, as well as providing alternative residential placement, if needed.

Typical Day

A Typical Day in the Generations Program

Our daily routine is designed to meet each person’s specific needs through a variety of approaches including:

  • Mobile Assessment
  • Individual therapy: time where you can meet with your therapist privately to discuss you feelings, life experiences, medication, and to find resolutions to any problems you may have.
  • Family therapy: it is often beneficial to involve family members in the treatment process in order to open communication and increase understanding of each other’s needs.
  • Group therapy: through group you may find that your peers share the same experiences or problems that you have experienced in life. Talking and sharing with your peers in a group setting, led to a therapist, can often provide support, empathy, and solutions to life’s difficulties.
  • Rehabilitative therapy: expressing yourself through therapeutic activities such as signing, reminiscing, playing games, crafts, gardening, and exercising can help lift spirits and provides an outlet to stress.
  • Activities of daily living: learning positive and productive ways to cope with physical limitations and memory loss, while at the same time eliminating stress and anxiety in your daily routine, can be important to treatment. The nursing staff will offer individual and group experiences to teach new skills that increase your independence and functioning.

Learn More

Learn More about the Generations Program

The Generations program in Columbus does not set age limits. Each individual’s history is assessed by the physician and treatment team to ensure each senior receives the appropriate clinical programming.

The wide variety of treatment programs at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry truly sets them apart from other treatment options in the area! They were able to give me the comprehensive therapy others could not.

– Chad C.