Inpatient Treatment Program for Mental Health in Columbus

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Crisis Stabilization

Crisis Stabilization in our Inpatient Program

At Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry in Columbus, our acute inpatient psychiatric hospitalization program provides 24-hour care in a private, confidential, and non-institutional environment conducive to healing and recovery. The focus of our inpatient treatment is to provide crisis intervention, stabilization, and assessment of the patient’s needs. Treatment in the inpatient program for mental health is led by a psychiatrist and carried out by an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified staff composed of social workers, nurses, mental health associates, dietitians, and others who are required in the treatment process. The inpatient psychiatric treatment program is appropriate for patients who are in need of stabilization from acute distress, with the goal of returning them to their highest level of functioning so they can step down to a less intensive level of treatment. Individuals in acute inpatient programming require close observation, assessment, treatment, and a structured therapeutic environment. Treatment at  our inpatient program in Columbus includes, but is not limited to:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Mobile Assessment
  • Rehabilitation therapy services
  • Daily individual interaction with staff members where patients can ask questions and review progress toward achieving treatment plan goals
  • Group therapy to explore and learn different and better ways to cope with individual problems and issues
  • Therapeutic activities designed for individual abilities and needs, such as arts and crafts, games, yoga, meditation, gym, or aromatherapy
  • Gene site testing

Elements of Care

Elements of Care for Inpatient Treatment

The continuum of specialized treatment programs is designed to assist adults and seniors in need of mental health stabilization. Inpatient programs provide crisis stabilization, intensive care, dual diagnosis, and senior adult care. Whether you’re facing a dangerous situation and need help immediately, or are looking for guidance to make it through tumultuous times, someone is available to help day or night.

The wide variety of treatment programs at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry truly sets them apart from other treatment options in the area! They were able to give me the comprehensive therapy others could not.

– Chad C.