Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Treatment Program for Substance Abuse in Columbus

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry is a proud provider of substance abuse treatment for those suffering from drug addiction. Located in Columbus, Ohio Hospital provides treatment programs for adults and seniors looking for lasting recovery from mental health and co-occurring drug addiction issues.

Co-Occurring Treatment

Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Treatment

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry’s dual diagnosis inpatient treatment program in Columbus provides mental health services for adults who have a secondary condition of substance abuse, dependence, or addiction. This program focuses on mental health stability while also treating the individual for alcohol/drug issues. The dual diagnosis program offers intensive treatment over a short period of time to enhance each individual’s coping strategies and skills to effectively manage life’s challenges.

Our Approach

The Treatment Approach in our Dual Diagnosis Program

Our dual diagnosis program at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry in Columbus is for patients whose primary diagnosis is a mental health disorder with substance abuse or addiction as a secondary condition. We are not a detoxification program. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach with our nursing team assisting in the development of individualized, goal-directed nursing care through the use of the Nursing Process.

The wide variety of treatment programs at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry truly sets them apart from other treatment options in the area! They were able to give me the comprehensive therapy others could not.

– Chad C.