What To Bring

Getting the right support can be life-changing. Take the first step by contacting Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry today.

What to Bring With You

Items you should bring during your stay at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry in Columbus, OH

  • Several changes of comfortable clothes, including underwear and socks 
  • Appropriate sleeping attire 
  • One pair of shoes – no laces; no steel-toe boots/shoes 
  • Toiletries will be provided – however, if you have any special needs, you may bring nonprohibited personal supplies  
  • Seasonal jacket/sweater 
  • Cigarettes, preferably in unopened package 

What Not to Bring With You

Items you should leave at home during your stay at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry in Columbus, OH 

  • Aerosol products 
  • Products with alcohol 
  • Volatile solvents (e.g., nail polish remover), toxic model glue, Wite-Out 
  • Batteries 
  • Belts/scarves 
  • Blankets/pillows 
  • Drawstrings on clothing/shoelaces 
  • Cords of any kind 
  • Cameras of any kind 
  • Cellphones 
  • Computers 
  • Items made of glass or breakable plastic 
  • Drugs (e.g., prescription, OTC, herbal, street, drug paraphernalia) 
  • Food or beverages from outside hospital 
  • Glass mirrors, including encased cosmetics 
  • Heat-producing and/or corded personal care/hair products 
  • Keys 
  • Money, wallets, purses 
  • Matches or lighters 
  • Personal radios, TVs, DVD or CD players, MP3 players, iPods, Kindles, Nooks, etc. 
  • Jewelry – exception is wedding ring with signed release of responsibility 
  • Plastic bags, cellophane 
  • Provocative clothing 
  • Recording devices of any kind 
  • Sharp objects including, but not limited to, glass or metal, scissors, metal nail files, tweezers, razors, metal-ringed binders, crochet or knitting needles of any kind, or anything with an edge that can conceivably be used for harm to self or others 
  • Weapons of any type, including martial arts weapons 
  • Stuffed animals 
  • Flowers 
  • Tobacco products other than cigarettes (e.g., chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, cigars) 
  • Videos and video games 
  • Clothes hangers of any type 
  • Underwire bras

I felt alone in this world confronting my problems with my mental disorders and the addiction that I developed to cope. Fortunately, the staff at Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry were able to provide me with the assistance I needed, starting with the admissions process. Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry not only changed my life, but saved it.

– Susan F.