Best Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center & Hospital in Columbus

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry is one of the leading treatment centers in Columbus for individuals struggling with co-occurring prescription drug addiction issues. Substance abuse and addiction are only treated in our dual diagnosis program.

Treating Prescription Drug Addiction

Understanding Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

Most individuals are able to take prescription medications exactly as intended by a licensed physician, but there are others that become addicted to the mind altering effects that these drugs provide. Prescription drug addiction is a chronic and often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug use despite negative consequences. While the initial decision to take medications is voluntary, over a period of time the drug abuse leads to changes in the brain that affect an individual’s self-control and ability to make sound decisions.

At Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry, a leading hospital for prescription drug addiction in Columbus, we recognize how an addiction to prescription medication can leave an individual feeling hopeless about the future, believing that nothing will ever get better. Our hospital provides caring and compassionate treatment that is designed to meet the needs of those who find themselves addicted to prescription medication and facing associated difficulties. We are a free-standing behavioral health hospital devoted to providing a full continuum of behavioral and mental healthcare services for adults and older adults in the Columbus area. If you are fighting an addiction, you do not have to go into battle alone. We are here to help you find a better future.

Prescription drug abuse and addiction is only treated in our dual diagnosis program.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

If you have a loved one who is losing an endless struggle with prescription drug addiction, you may be faced with many contradicting emotions. You may be upset with your loved one, wondering why he or she does not just walk away from something that is causing so much destruction in his or her life. However, at the same time you might be worried about what can happen to your loved one as you slowly see his or her future slip away. At this point in time you are most likely more aware of the fact that your loved one needs help than he or she is, but you may be unsure of how to approach the situation. Although the initial reaction may be a negative one, it is important to continue trying to get through to your loved one so he or she can get the help that he or she needs. Here are some suggestions from our Columbus medical professionals to keep in mind when speaking to your loved one about getting help:

  • Don’t be judgmental
  • Refrain from lecturing or arguing with your loved one
  • Offer help, support, and reassurance
  • Have some solutions ready
  • Ask for support from other people in your loved one’s life
  • Truly listen and try to be sympathetic

Above all, remember that recovering from an addiction is going to take time and that nothing is going to change overnight. Continue to be there for your loved one as he or she goes through the treatment, offering your support and a shoulder to lean on.

Why Consider Treatment for Addiction

Why Consider Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction at Our Hospital in Columbus

People who abuse prescription medications are at an increased risk for the development of an addiction as the continued abuse leads to changes in the structure and function of the brain. This causes the body to want more and more of these substances and eventually an individual is unable to think of anything other than obtaining and using their prescription pills. As addiction takes over an individual’s life, he or she may begin to be unable to hold a job, his or her personal relationships may deteriorate, and he or she may begin to engage in risky behaviors in order to obtain more pills. In severe cases, an individual may overdose, which can reduce respiration and lead to death. If not properly treated, the consequences of prescription medication abuse will only get worse.

If you are struggling with an addiction, an inpatient treatment center like ours in Columbus may be the most beneficial type of treatment. Inpatient treatment can get to the underlying cause of your prescription drug addiction and address any mental health issues that you may be struggling with. By receiving treatment at a center like ours, you are able to receive the help that you need in the safest environment possible. You will be provided with the opportunity to step away from the stressors of your everyday life so that you can focus solely on getting better. Through a combination of various therapies and medication management, this type of treatment can help you win the battle against your addiction and allow you to start living the life you deserve.

Treatment Philosophy

Our Philosophy and Benefits of Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

At Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry, our prescription drug abuse treatment center in Columbus, our philosophy is based on an understanding that each one of our patients has a history of life experiences that have played a role in molding them into the people they are today. We know that the problems you are currently struggling with are only a very small part of who you are and who you will become. Our goal is to help each one of our patients find hope and a renewed sense of self.

Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment Offered at Our Prescription Drug Addiction Hospital in Columbus

At our hospital for prescription drug addiction, our treatment center focuses on the implementation of an active interdisciplinary approach. When you arrive at our treatment center, the first step will be to complete a comprehensive evaluation that will allow us to determine the most appropriate level of care. Our highly trained and qualified staff provide thorough treatment while focusing on the individual needs of each patient. Some of the treatment methods that are incorporated into this individualized care include:

Medication management is available at our treatment center. Medications can be a beneficial part of treating people who are struggling with prescription medication addiction and other co-occurring mental health disorders. If medication use is deemed necessary, our primary care physicians will closely monitor the medication while also making any changes that may be needed.

Individual therapy is designed to be a time for patients at our hospital to meet privately with their therapist in order to uncover some of the underlying factors surrounding the development of their addiction. In these sessions, patients can discuss their emotions and work through problems that are causing them the most distress.

Group therapy is held on a daily basis in our treatment center in Columbus and sessions are designed to bring patients together so that they can share their experiences. Group sessions topics may include developing coping skills, identifying triggers, and relapse prevention.

Family therapy at our hospital is essential in the treatment of those who are struggling with an addiction as the family is a huge source of support. This time can be used to help patients and their loved ones learn to communicate in a positive manner while also working towards repairing any relationships that may have been damaged due to the addiction.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

At our hospital for prescription drug abuse, we understand that leaving a treatment center and returning to everyday life can be scary as you wonder if you are going to be able to maintain your sobriety. In order to help the discharge process go as smoothly as possible, your treatment team will work closely with you to develop an after care plan for continued care. Some patients will step down into a partial hospitalization program or an intensive outpatient program where they are able to remain in a therapeutic environment for most of the day while slowly integrating back into their community in the evenings. Other patients may feel as though they are ready to return home. If this is the case, our case management team will work with you in finding appropriate support groups and other available resources that will help keep you on the right path for recovery.

Faking issues to get prescription drugs was second nature to me. After an intervention with my family and friends, I realized I had a problem. Only OHP was able to help me break free from the vicious cycle of addiction by getting to the root cause of it.

– Tyler S.